Weight Loss Superfoods

We have researched the best foods to naturally increase your metabolism and promote overall body health. Unlike many fad diets, these foods contain key nutrients that have been shown to aid the body in staying healthy and fit.

Here are some of the superfoods we use to create our meals:

Grass-fed Meat

Unlike grain-fed meat, grass-fed meat is full of healthy Omega 3 fats, cancer fighting CLA's (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and is a leaner protein. Examples are Lamb, Grass-Fed Beef & Bison.

Free-Range Eggs

True free range eggs or “pastured eggs” are far more nutritious than commercially raised eggs. Benefits include 2 times the level of Omega 3 fatty acids and 3-7 times more vitamins and minerals.

Wild Caught Fish

Unlike farm-raised fish, wild-caught fish are loaded with healthy Omega 3 fats. Allowing fish to develop naturally increases the amount of vitamins and minerals found in their bodies. This will deliver a fish that is not only tastier, but better for your body.


Quinoa, sometimes mistaken as a grain, is actually a seed closely related to the spinach family. Its light, nutty, delicious flavor and fluffy texture makes it a great and healthy alternative to rice, pasta, or any grain. Quinoa is a "Supergrain" as it is a complete protein with high amounts of magnesium, fiber, copper and manganese - all nutrients that have been linked to fighting metabolic syndrome.

Gluten-Free Grains

Resistance to grains is a growing issue. All of our meals are gluten free and when we do have an entrée that uses grain, we choose to use brown rice, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, millet and chia as replacements.

healthy Fats

We use a variety of healthy oils, nuts, seeds, and of course animal fats to give our customers a balanced fat intake in their diet. Research shows that people consume up to 25 times more Omega 6 than they should. This can raise inflammation and increase the odds of developing several diseases. To counter act this, we choose to use fats that are high in Omega 3s and Omega 9s which create a balanced intake.

Antioxidant Rich Fruits & Vegetables

We include fruits and vegetables that are high in an array of vitamins, minerals and fiber. All of the fruits and vegetables chosen by Metabolic Meals contain nutrients proven to boost the immune system and help you feel full longer.

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"I would recommend Metabolic Meals to any athlete or person looking to improve their body composition and overall health. It really takes the stress out of what to eat when you are wanting to achieve great results. I had a client this summer lose 20lbs in 7 weeks using the meals and training 3 times a week!"

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