Success Stories

Devon Alexander"One year ago IBF World Boxing Champion, Devon Alexander and his coaches decided to overhaul his nutritional program. Devon was struggling to make his weight class and often felt drained by the day of the fight.

They decided to use Metabolic Meals during training camps and the results have been outstanding! Devon has increased his energy which has enabled him to train harder while recovering much faster.

Devon has also dropped body fat safely without sacrificing muscle. This has certainly led to a major increase in performance!

Since Devon has incorporated Metabolic Meals, he's won a World Title and Defended it! Metabolic Meals looks forward to continuing a great partnership with Devon!"

Devon Alexander
IBF Welterweight Champion

Devon Alexander"Metabolic Meals has really changed my life and the way I think about nutrition. All the elements of Mixed Martial Arts are time consuming and extremely taxing on the body. Having my meals prepared for me while giving me the best possible nutrition, makes a huge difference!

I trust Metabolic Meals with my diet and what they prepare, I eat! The meals really are delicious and I always look forward to my deliveries!

I've been using Metabolic Meals to help me prepare for my fights over the last 3 years. There is no doubt that they make fat loss easier and healthier than any other method I've tried!"

Tyron Woodley
UFC Fighter

Mike Hoomanawanui

"As a professional athlete you have to be conscious about what you put in your body at all times. Since I have started Metabolic Meals I have seen many changes for the better. I first started the meals to get back into shape coming off ACL and MCL knee surgery in December, they helped me get back into shape along with my daily rehab and workouts. With these results, I will now use them from here on out. We always talk about our bodies being like Ferraris, why put regular unleaded gas in the tank? I don't and neither should you."

Mike Hoomanawanui
New England Patriots

Ashley Wiltgen

"I would recommend metabolic meals to any athlete or person looking to improve their body composition and overall health. It really takes the stress out of what to eat when you are wanting to achieve great results. As a former All-American track athlete and now owner of a personal training and sports performance business I really appreciate a good service that pays attention to details form food preparation, organic produce to prompt delivery. You can't go wrong with this service. I had a client this summer lose 20lbs in 7 weeks using the meals and training 3 times a week!"

Ashley Wiltgen
Biophysique Midwest Owner
All- American Track Athlete
2008 Olympic Trials participant

Tyson Strachan

"I spend my off-season training to improve my strength and conditioning for the upcoming season. Diet is a huge part of my summer routine and it is always the part of my training which I enjoy the least. Metabolic Meals provide a nutritious variety of great tasting food that has really helped me to reach my fitness goals. I have never found it as easy to become leaner and stronger."

Tyson Strachan
Washington Capitals

Jesse Finney

"As a professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter I needed to lose 20lbs before my Strikeforce fight in St. Louis. I always dread losing the weight because I get so fatigued and it's a constant battle. A friend of mine recommended Metabolic Meals so I decided to give it try. For the first time in my career I was able to go from 196lbs to 170lbs and get in the best shape of my life. I never bottomed out on my energy, my strength was better then ever, and I got really lean. I believe Metabolic Meals was a huge part of my success. I'll never train without it again."

Jesse Finney
Pro MMA Fighter

Dave Peacock

"Metabolic Meals is perfect for me. I am very busy with many meetings and trips so I don't have time to prepare the right foods the right way. Metabolic Meals is a quick, easy way to help me eat right and stay on a more disciplined diet. Metabolic Meals are also VERY good with a wide variety of offerings and some of the best tasting meals you can buy."

Dave Peacock
President of Anheuser Busch



Nelson Ayotte

"I have specialized in diet and physical training for over 20 years. I understand the rigorous schedule of the National Hockey League, to be an athlete at such an elite level requires a nutritional regiment of premium quality. This is why I always suggest my players to use the “Metabolic Meals” plan in order to achieve their fitness goals. Their meal program provides a great strategy that maximizes the adaptation and enhances recovery. It is exactly what we need to reach our optimal performance zone."

Nelson Ayotte
Strength & Conditioning Coach, St. Louis Blues



Alec G.

"To say this program was effective is an understatement! I started dropping pounds and losing fat very quickly. As I started to add muscle the results became even greater. The convenience of the meals made all of the difference. This did not feel like diet food at all and I was surprised by the taste and variety. I was on the Double Protein Plan and the portions were extremely generous. It was nice knowing that I could eat all of it without remorse! Knowing that this meal plan was set up to achieve maximal results and all I had to do was stick to the plan and eat it, eliminated so much stress out of my life and allowed me to focus on my goal. I am so happy with my results and can't wait to keep going!"

Alec G.

Stephanie G.

"I am a believer! As a, dare I say, middle aged woman I am on a quest for "optimal health". The food from Metabolic Meals was satisfying and quite tasty. I am already a firm believer in the benefits of organic and hormone free, however the beauty is in the convenience. All of the protein, carbs and fats were accounted for and appropriately balanced to sustain a healthy lifestyle and lose fat. I am so satisfied with the results and look at this journey as the beginning not an ending."

Stephanie G.

Rick P.

"I can't say enough about Metabolic Meals. After finishing my football career I had ballooned up to 300lbs and knew that I needed to get leaner to improve my health.

My trainer recommended I use Metabolic Meals for my nutritional needs and the results were amazing!

I never felt like I was on a "diet." My energy levels improved, I slept better and this was the first winter I wasn't sick! When I started I wore a size 48 pant. Now I wear a size 36! I will recommend Metabolic Meals to anyone who wants to lose fat and be healthier."

Rick P.



Tim McKernan

"I can't say enough about Metabolic Meals. Not only is the food healthy, but it's delicious. I didn't really get involved with Metabolic Meals as a much as a way to have a variety of healthy foods conveniently delivered to my home, and after just a couple of weeks, I was sold.

When we went on vacation, I was actually looking forward to getting back on Metabolic Meals. That's how good the food is.

If you're looking to lose weight...

If you're looking for variety in your meals...

If you're looking for the convenience of having someone prepare and deliver healthy meals to your home...

...Metabolic Meals is for you."

Tim McKernan

Real People, Real Results

Andy McDonald Sakio Bika Bradley Fletcher
Andy McDonald Sakio Bika Bradley Fletcher

St. Louis Blues

WBC Super Middleweight Champion

Philadelphia Eagles


"I am 67 years old. Four years ago, following a routine post-retirement physical, I was stunned when my doctor asked, 'Do you know that you are a raging diabetic?' My A1C (the accepted criterion for assessing diabetes) was 11.5. Anything over 7 is considered unacceptable. Following a visit to an endocrinologist, beginning medication and limiting my carbohydrate intake to not more than 40 grams per meal, I was able to lose some weight and reduce the A1C to 6.7.

Over the following months, although I was able to maintain the A1C at or slightly below 6.7, my weight gradually crept back to what it was four years ago; and at my every-three-months appointment, the endocrinologist became increasingly insistent that I lose weight.

Last spring I heard about Metabolic Meals through a radio testimonial. First my wife, and then I talked with Lesley and shared the above information. Following those conversations, I began the five-days-a-week program around the first of June. When I met with my endocrinologist the third week of June, he asked what I was doing differently since both my weight and blood pressure had reversed a two-year upward climb.

We had saved the menus and ingredients for two weeks. Upon looking at them, the doctor asked for the Metabolic Meals contact information in order to share it with other patients, extended the interval between visits from three months to four, and began talking about the possibility of reducing my blood pressure medication. Now, less than three months after beginning Metabolic Meals, I have lost 22 pounds and, despite eating whatever I want on the weekends, continue to lose 1-2 pounds per week. If I exercised the way that I should, I expect that the weight loss and blood-pressure reduction would be even more dramatic.

Finally, anyone considering Metabolic Meals should know that Lesley and her team are first-rate people with whom to work. Questions are answered promptly, thoughtfully and, in my experience, extremely accurately. These are knowledgeable, friendly people who are sincerely concerned about their clients. I am thankful everyday that I was tuned to that radio program last spring."

Paul B.

"Caroline Shoeder wrote 'Some people change their ways when they see the light; others when they feel the heat.'

I work full time as a physician, mom and wife. Making healthy meals a priority in my family's life was taking its toll. I could never stay ahead of things. I felt like I was always shopping, cooking and racking my brain to come up with interesting meals. I often skipped lunch or made bad decisions, late in the day, at the less than healthy hospital cafeteria. Trying to lose the baby weight was becoming a real challenge! And I was still supposed to find time to work out?

Then I heard of Metabolic Meals and thought it sounded like the solution to all my woes. We get meals 5 days a week. My husband gets double protein as he is bigger and more active than me. Now all I have to do is remember to put the coolers out and take my lunch to work! Our family eats "clean," tasty calories all week without the slog of shopping, food prep. We never eat the same thing twice!

I feel really good about eating organic meat and vegetables. I LOVE that all the meals are gluten free! I eat 3 healthy meals, portion controlled, with 2 snacks. Jason has worked with me to provide snacks I can pop into my coat pocket and eat on the fly while making hospital rounds. Each snack is individually sealed and labeled for the day.

Easy, easy, easy.

We have also found that our monthly grocery bill is LESS as I am not wasting food and nothing goes bad in the fridge.

Lastly as you are eating portion controlled healthy meals and snacks there is no guess work to successful weight loss.

I am hooked in oh so many ways."

Jacqueline Fairchild, M.D.

"As a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach I have the opportunity to work with clientele ranging from the general public to elite professional MMA fighters. Each day my clients strive to lose weight, decrease body fat, increase strength and improve cardiovascular fitness. Achieving these goals allow them to live more fulfilling lives both personally and professionally. I believe that nutrition is a vital component in successfully improving health and fitness as well as maximizing athletic performance. My clients who grasp the importance of proper nutrition and who practice it routinely are the ones that experience great success, and Metabolic Meals is the best nutrition program that I have come across. The quality and variety of food coupled with the convenience makes Metabolic Meals an invaluable component of a healthy lifestyle. I work with many individuals who are Metabolic Meals clients and the list continues to grow.

My client Tyron Woodley is a professional MMA fighter who walks around at 190lbs and has to make a fight weight of 170lbs. The cut in weight is a brutal process and if not performed correctly can greatly hinder performance in the cage as well as during the training leading up to the fight. Before Tyron's last fight we started him on Metabolic Meals and he experienced his best training camp to date. The weight cut was not as drastic and Tyron's energy level during and his recovery between workouts was ideal. He dispatched a high level opponent by knockout in the 1st round to run his record to 7-0 and I attribute a great deal of his performance to his nutritional plan provided by Metabolic Meals.

My wife and I have been using Metabolic Meals for the six months and we are pleased that the system allows us to stay lean while providing us the proper nutrition to power through our demanding days."

Derek Fairchild
The Fitness Edge


"I suffered a bad back injury about a year ago.  Formerly I was a competitive runner and triathlete.  After the injury, I couldn't do any physical activity other than massive amounts of physical therapy.  I gained almost 20 lbs, was more or less sedentary, and became totally depressed.  I knew I needed to make a change, or things were only going to get worse. 

In the first 6 weeks of Metabolic Meals, I lost 16 lbs!  Since the meals are gluten free, my body could devote more resources to fighting the inflammation in my back (rather than dealing with processing a bunch of gluten). That combined with the weight loss allowed me to return to physical activity again.  And yes, you're reading that correctly - I lost 16 pounds on Metabolic Meals BEFORE I was able to resume activity.  I am now able to exercise again, and am back to my competitive Triathlete weight!!  I've been on MM for almost 4 consecutive months now, and I absolutely love it.  The meals are delicious, I never have to waste time shopping or cooking, and I get a much better variety of proteins/veggies/nutrients than I ever would cooking on my own. Not to mention, living solo, I never waste food anymore!  No more throwing away expensive produce. 

This may sound trite, but Metabolic Meals changed my life.  Give it a two week try, and I promise you'll not be disappointed."

MM's biggest advocate,

Mike C.

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