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Metabolic Meals Expands Diet Delivery Services Nationwide

ST. LOUIS MEAL DELIVERY COMPANY, METABOLIC MEALS, IS EXPANDING ITS SERVICES TO ACCOMMODATE NATIONWIDE DELIVERIES BEGINNING DECEMBER 9, 2013. (December 2013) Metabolic Meals, a meal delivery company based in St. Louis, MO, is excited to announce its nation-wide expansion starting December 9, 2013. Founded in 2009, Metabolic Meals has serviced the greater St. Louis area…

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Devon Alexander Trains with Metabolic Meals Prior to World Championship

PROFESSIONAL BOXER AND METABOLIC MEALS CUSTOMER, DEVON ALEXANDER, WILL BE DEFENDING HIS WORLD TITLE IN BROOKLYN. (December 2013) Devon Alexander, professional boxer and long-time customer of Metabolic Meals, is defending his world title in Brooklyn, New York on December 7, 2013. Alexander, weighing in at 147 lbs., has been a nutrition, training and conditioning client…

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Auto Immune Conditions and Nutrition

THE CRAZY CONNECTION Not a lot of people know how much nutrition can influence disease and inflammatory conditions. The prevalence of such disease and conditions is astonishing. As people float through life accumulating toxins and metabolites with poor choices for food, they end up with these unwanted conditions. Only when these conditions become unbearable does…

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