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Ask the MD: Do Calories Really Matter?

Calories are the foundation of nutrition. They are units of energy we consume and burn off all day, every day. They are listed at the top of every nutrition label, and they are the notorious defining variable of several diets.

But how important are calories to your success? 

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How Bad is Sugar, Really?

Too much sugar in our diets can be one of the biggest threats to modern health. Yet, in the year of 2020 when stress, anxiety and isolation is high, it’s fair to guess the average intake of 156 pounds of sugar a year, will be higher.

Being educated on the sweet danger of sugar can be the fuel we need to create change.

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Lean protein and nuts that can help boost your metabolism.

5 Unconventional Tips for a Healthy Metabolism

This article isn’t about magic pills or 7 day detoxes. We’re going to focus on action items that will improve multiple aspects of your health. Some of these tips may be new to you and as the title suggests – you will probably consider them unconventional.

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