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Stressed? How Planning Ahead Helps Your Immunity

Science and research have long established a relationship between stress and eating behaviors. The year 2020 has been a stressor for most everyone, as the global coronavirus pandemic has affected each of us on some level or another. While stress can lead to poor eating habits, poor eating habits can negatively impact immunity. A healthy immune system is crucially important to prevent and fight viral infections, making now an opportune time to discuss ways to maintain healthy habits no matter what outside stressors arise.

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Become Unbreakable with 100 Rep Sets

It’s incredibly frustrating to be making great progress towards your fitness goals only to be derailed by injury. One of the most common, yet debilitating training injuries often involves the tendons.

Even minor tendon injuries can cause people with high pain thresholds the need to modify workouts or skip training sessions all together. To make things worse, tendon issues can take what seems like forever to improve.

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