What Happens After 30 Days of Metabolic Meals: Kathy’s Results


For Kathy, 62, being an entrepreneur and running a business can be summed up in one statement: time is everything.

When you’re constantly tackling speaking engagements, running online webinars, and taking on new projects and clients, self-care often gets overlooked. And that’s what happened to Kathy.

Fast forward two years: after trying all the different meal kits on the market, she finally opted to give fully-prepared meals a try. What she discovered is that Metabolic Meals was the solution she needed.



“The number one biggest issue for me has been time. That’s what I have discovered after trying all of those other meal kits. They all say it will only take 10-15 minutes to prep, cook and enjoy, but that’s simply not the case.

Then I found Metabolic Meals and thought yes – fully-prepared meals, I want to try this. My goals are to be healthier. I need to lose weight. I need to lower my blood pressure. I need to manage my blood sugar. Metabolic Meals allows me to do that.”

We checked in with Kathy after her first 30 days on our My Choice plan, to see how everything was going. Here’s what she’s experienced: 

1 Time

To Kathy – time is critical. She needed a solution that was quick, convenient, but most importantly healthy. And she’s found just that. “The time saving component is absolutely amazing. I don’t even have to think about what I’m eating. I simply grab a meal, heat it, and stay right on track with my schedule. Plus, I get to choose my meals every week, so I know I’ll enjoy everything that is delivered. I love that.”

2Quality + Satiety

For Kathy, the biggest reason she loves Metabolic Meals is both quality and satisfaction. “The meals are made with high quality ingredients: high quality fats, high quality protein. And for the first time ever, my body is feeling nourished and I am finally not overeating.”

Healthy, chef-crafted meals, delivered fresh to your door.


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3Weight Loss

In her first 30 days, Kathy has kickstarted her weight loss, achieving initial success simply by making changes to her diet. “With Metabolic Meals, I have my breakfast, lunch and dinner ready to go. I’ve lost five pounds in my first month and I’ve done nothing other than shift to eating these meals. I’m thrilled! And what I love most – there are so many different options each week, I always have choices!”

If you can change your habits, you can truly change your life – and that’s the journey Kathy has started. She’s found a solution through our fresh, fully prepared meals and for the first time is both encouraged and motivated. For her, healthy living isn’t just an idea anymore – it’s now a part of her daily routine.

Your Trusted Partner in Food

Metabolic Meals is a healthy meal delivery company that was established in 2009. We have been involved in some of the country’s top nutritional research studies and been a preferred meal provider for both elite athletes and busy people all across the nation.

We are passionate about helping people take control of their health through food. If you’re looking for a meal delivery service to make your day-to-day easier and healthier like Kathy, here’s what you can expect from us:

– Internationally trained chefs prepare your meals from scratch

– Grass-fed, pasture-raised & wild-caught proteins rich in omega 3

– Wide array of organic, non-GMO ingredients

– Meals are prepared in our dedicated gluten-free facility

– A new menu to choose from every week designed by our nutrition team

– Safe, fresh delivery nationwide

– Unbeatable customer service

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