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Biohacking Blood Sugar: CGM for the Non-Diabetic

Are Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) the tech device of the future?

In short, yes, and perhaps it is only a matter of time before glucose tracking becomes as widely available as activity trackers.

A CGM is a beneficial tool to collect data to personalize a diet, lifestyle and quality of life.

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Sleep: The Ultimate Performance Enhancer

The days of wearing the “I only need 4 hours of sleep” like a productivity badge of honor needs to be over. Burning the candle at both ends only leads to poor health, bad decision making and burnout.

Seven to eight hours of sleep seems to be the minimum per night that we should aim for. Deep, uninterrupted sleep is the goal. It’s not good enough to just be in bed — we must minimize the tossing and turning, trips to the bathroom and mind racing.

Sleep is the ultimate performance enhancer.

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Carb Cycling for Women

Carb cycling is an excellent strategy for women who want to optimize their body composition while maintaining their exercise performance.

However, the typical approach of alternating almost daily doesn’t match with female hormone cycling. The ideal approach for women is to plan for 2-week cycles of high and low carb diet combined with appropriate workouts for each phase.

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Woman stretching, performing yoga outdoors.

4 Mobility Exercises to Get You Back in the Gym

As some gyms across the US are reopening, it’s tempting to jump right back into your former workout routine.

But be mindful – your body needs time to transition back into those higher intensity training sessions. These four mobility exercises can give you a new “functional” range of motion that you will definitely feel as you ease back into your fitness routine.

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Meal in container and human graphic highlighting lungs.

10 Foods for Healthy Lungs

Focusing on an anti-inflammatory diet through a variety of nutrient dense foods has numerous health benefits – including improving your breathing conditions. And even the right mix of nutrients can help you breathe easier.

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Do Male Athletes & Fitness Experts Change Their Routines After 35?

After 15-20 years of hard training, your body feels different and it may be time to rethink your fitness routine. Joints hurt. Mobility suffers.You may be at a crossroads, but refuse to start taking it “easier”. I get it. For me, I routinely use microcycles (weekly training) or mesocycles (4-6 week blocks) to focus on areas I need to improve, including hypertrophy, strength and speed, and hodge podge exercises.

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4 Outdoor Exercises to Boost Vitamin D

Unfortunately, vitamin D deficiencies are incredibly common. If you aren’t getting enough of this necessary nutrient, you’re at risk of developing serious health problems. While diet changes and supplements can help, regular sweat sessions outdoors are a great way to boost your vitamin D levels and decrease your risk of disease

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2 packs of protein and sides, and virus graphic

Can the Keto Diet Help You Fight Coronavirus?

With the whole world fighting the affects of COVID-19, many are turning to nutrition as their solution. Is there some hope with the Keto Diet? The reality is much bigger than that and involves improving your Metabolic Health versus traditional “Immune Boosting.”

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Middle aged man doing push-ups.

7 Metabolic Exercises to Improve Your Metabolism Over Age 50

As we get older, resting metabolic rate (RMR) tends to decrease. This means we are burning fewer calories at rest than we did at a younger age. Decreased activity levels also leads to decreased strength and muscle mass and fat gain (especially in the midsection). The good news: it doesn’t have to be that way. The key to staying out of this cycle is activity. Overall activity levels are important. However, the most effective activity for maintaining and increasing muscle mass is resistance training.

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