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Are You in Good Metabolic Health? (Only 12% Are)

Why are such a low % of Americans considered “metabolically” healthy? A culture of fast food, overeating, low activity levels and poor sleep has created a national epidemic. Fortunately, once you identify what bad habits are negatively impacting your health, you can take action to fix the issues.

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Hormonal Imbalance: 5 Foods That Wreak Havoc and What You Should Eat Instead

The quality of the food we eat plays a significant role in how our hormones function. Nutrients are important chemical messengers that dictate many of your body’s functions, including hormone release. A lot of foods that seem healthy are not as beneficial as they were once believed to be, largely due to their disruptive effect on hormonal balance.

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Want Laser Focus? Optimize Your Morning Routine

If you want to be more decisive, motivated, and effective in everything you do each day, you need to cultivate a morning routine that will boost your BDNF. Fortunately, you can start implementing several proven strategies today to do just that.

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