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Are You in Good Metabolic Health? (Only 12% Are)

Why are such a low % of Americans considered “metabolically” healthy? A culture of fast food, overeating, low activity levels and poor sleep has created a national epidemic. Fortunately, once you identify what bad habits are negatively impacting your health, you can take action to fix the issues.

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Hormonal Imbalance: 5 Foods That Wreak Havoc and What You Should Eat Instead

The quality of the food we eat plays a significant role in how our hormones function. Nutrients are important chemical messengers that dictate many of your body’s functions, including hormone release. A lot of foods that seem healthy are not as beneficial as they were once believed to be, largely due to their disruptive effect on hormonal balance.

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Want Laser Focus? Optimize Your Morning Routine

If you want to be more decisive, motivated, and effective in everything you do each day, you need to cultivate a morning routine that will boost your BDNF. Fortunately, you can start implementing several proven strategies today to do just that.

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An NFL Strength Coach’s Top 10 Lower-Body Exercises

If you want to see results from any type of exercise or movement, it comes down to efficiency, mastery of the movement, progression, and commitment to the process. Whether your goal is to improve your lower or upper body, compound exercises put stress on your system as a whole, leading to the best results. These…

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