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3 Recovery Methods to Optimize Performance

nflAny CrossFitter will tell you it’s the intensity of the routine that separates him or her from the pack. But research shows that doing CrossFit too frequently without making some key adjustments can have undesired consequences. Training consisting of a lot of volume and intensity produces substantial amounts of lactic acid — a compound created by the breaking down…

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Make CrossFit Training More Intense with Slow Eccentrics

Eccentric (or negative) muscle movements are excellent for building strength and flexibility, but they’re not always emphasized in CrossFit. By making a few adjustments to your routine, you can better utilize eccentrics to give you an advantage during competition.

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How to Get Abs Like an American Ninja Warrior

As a professional athlete, I know core strength is important. But it’s not just important for me in the gym — it’s a critical part of daily life. From simply picking things up to even standing and sitting, our core muscles are engaged in almost every movement we make. My philosophy with ab workouts is…

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Carbs: Time Them Right for Amazing Results

Carbs aren’t exactly an essential macronutrient — your body can function fine without them. But when used correctly, carbs can play a role in helping you meet your fitness goals. For instance, carbs replenish the glycogen that your body needs to store and use energy. They also promote serotonin release in the brain, which is essential for recovering from…

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10 Foods to Pack on Muscle Mass

Packing on muscle mass is a simple — but not necessarily easy — process. Entire textbooks, websites, podcasts, and television shows are dedicated to the intricacies of enhancing body composition, but gaining muscle mass is ultimately about prioritizing and optimizing three important details: training hard, recovering properly, and making the right food choices. When it…

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