Entrée Spotlight: Fiesta Lasagna


When trying to eat healthier, Mexican food may not be the first thing that comes to mind. At Metabolic Meals, we enjoy putting our own spin on dishes that traditionally are not the best for you.

Mexican food tends to have poor meat quality, while being high in refined carbohydrates, gluten and additives. Our Fiesta Lasagna has ample amounts of slow-simmered organic, free-range turkey, separated by layers of gluten-free lasagna and seasoned black beans, all covered with our made-from-scratch picante sauce. To complete this dish, we hand-shred a blend of mozzarella, parmesan and aged cheddar-jack cheese.

The end result is a Fusion dish that may become your new favorite.


Organic Free-Range Turkey, Gluten-Free Pasta, Onion, Peppers, Tomato, Black Beans, Greek Yogurt, Mozzarella Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Cheddar-Jack Cheese, Tomato Sauce, Picante Sauce, Olive Oil, Spices, Sea Salt, Pepper

Nutrition Profile

Calories 422
Heart Healthy Fat 18g
Carbohydrates 32g
Protein 33g

Gluten-Free & Soy-Free