Keto Meal Delivery

Keto Meal Delivery

Healthy, keto meals delivered
fresh to your door.

Est. 2009

Keto Meal Delivery

Healthy, keto meals delivered
fresh to your door.

Est. 2009

Cutting-edge keto
designed for
maximum health benefits.


My Choice Plan

You Pick, We Deliver

Customize to your tastes + preferences 

Mix and match proteins and
low carb sides with Build-a-Meal

Choose from a weekly rotating menu

Ready to eat in 2 minutes – reheat and enjoy

Maximum flexibility with our Build-a-meal menu

Delivered nationwide, straight to your door.

Chef Crafted Keto,

Our culinary experts are constantly innovating new low-carb, keto-friendly options to add to our full My Choice menu. Each week, expect to see breakfast, lunch or dinner keto options as well as our new Build-a-Meal menu.

Mix and match 2 packs of chef prepared proteins + low carb, restaurant-inspired sides. Simply add in your own healthy fats – this is keto delivered and optimized for convenience.

Flavors You Crave + Variety You Need

to motivate long-term success

Flavors You Crave + Variety You Need

for long-term success

Trusted by top universities, elite athletes
+ busy people who need the best.

800+ Verified Reviews

Keto for the win! Metabolic Meals has a great variety of selections, some that are even 10 net cars or less. They make sticking to my Keto diet easy, effective, and super convenient!

– Sarah E.

“Love the Build-a-Meal menu! I stick to a very specific Keto diet, so have always needed to supplement my meals with extra protein. The 2 packs of protein with the Build-a-Meal menu are perfect! Plus I always enjoy getting some low carb sides too – they’re delicious!”

– Denise G.

“Lots of choices! The available variety is great and makes it easy to plan out your week. The meals always arrive fresh and are easy to warm up and stay on track. Perfect for my busy weeks!”

– Pat D.



Will I be locked into a subscription?

No. All of our plans are commitment-free. We make it easy to change plans, pause or cancel at any time. 

Log in to your account to manage your subscription.

Can I skip a week of delivery?

Yes, with our flexible delivery schedules, you can skip weeks in advance in your online account.

Can I choose my meals?

Yes!  With our My Choice Plan, you choose from our wide variety of healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options. Our rotating menu updates every week with 30+ new meals accommodate your individual tastes and dietary preferences.

Is there any cooking involved?

No cooking required – simply reheat and enjoy!  Your entrees arrive fresh and ready to eat with heating instructions, nutritional information, and a full ingredient list.