Metabolic Meals: A Top Personal Trainers Review


As a strength and conditioning professional for over 13 years, I have prided myself on giving the best and most up to date advise on all health and performance related info. Numerous time scouring research, taking seminars, and self-testing nutrition and performance protocols has led me to fine tune my approach when it comes to repairing and building the body. Some of the most difficult aspects of helping people become their best is getting them to buy into your nutrition and supplementation goals for them. Naturally, there is no one size fits all plan for anyone.  This is where having access to good whole food in varying amounts has elevated my business tremendously.

I have used Metabolic Meals personally and with my business for the last 5 years. It has really taken the headache out of writing nutrition programs for people and hoping that they stick with it. Now, with the new My Choice Plan I can manipulate the protein, carbohydrates, and fats that normally confused many clients on a weekly basis. I go on the website with my clients and help them select their meals for the next week. I can make selections that improve fat loss, add lean muscle and even work around food allergies. It is a relief for them to know that eating the meals is all they need to do. No shopping or cooking means that I’ve greatly increased the chances that they see the results they want.


I’ve compared several Healthy Meal companies and Metabolic Meals has got a major edge over all of them. Here’s what I think separates them from everyone else.

1Flexibility-The ability to choose meals and fulfill nutritional plans with my clients is huge. It allows me to be very involved in the decision making process. Since I have males and females of all different backgrounds with varying goals, I need the flexibility to change meals on the fly and meet their nutritional needs. I especially love that all of their meals are DELIVERED fresh! Convenience is imperative for sticking with a healthy eating plan. My clients are busy and love the fact that they don’t have to shop or prepare.Training-body-Ipad-3

2Taste-When embarking on a healthy meal plan, it is such a bonus when you enjoy the food. I’ve had clients remark that they feel like they’re “cheating”-Metabolic Meals really is that good. They get really creative and have over 100 menu itemsTraining-Body-Image-1

3Top quality chefs– Their culinary team was trained at the Culinary Institute of America and you can tell! These meals could seriously be put on the menu of a high end restaurant. They exclusively use grass-fed proteins and a ton of seasonal organic ingredients. I should also mention that the entire plan is gluten-free (something else that I really love about them).

If you are in the fitness industry, do yourself a favor and check this company out! As you know, nutrition is the foundation for your clients. Their commitment to healthy eating is usually the difference between them seeing great results and not. Metabolic Meals offers quality, flexibility and convenience that really sets them apart.

Bryan Sauder
Head Strength Coach
St. Louis Center for Functional Medicine