Preserved Lemon


With just 15 minutes, two ingredients, and some patience, preserved lemon may become your new favorite condiment. Tart and intensely lemony, preserved lemon can be used in traditional Moroccan dishes like tagines or Moroccan chicken, but also has been used more recently in everything from martinis and Bloody Mary’s to salad and rice dishes. Anything that uses lemon will only get better with preserved lemon!

lemons 4

  • 10 Organic Lemons (preferably Meyer lemons)
  • Kosher Sea Salt
  • Sterilized Canning Jar


1.Cut each lemon into quarters, leaving a bit uncut at the bottom so that the fruit stays intact.

lemons 3

2.Fill each cross-cut with a tablespoon of salt.


3.Place two tablespoons of salt into the bottom of the empty canning jar, then squeeze the remaining lemons into the jar, packing them tightly and releasing the juices.

4.When jar is packed tightly, add an additional tablespoon of salt to the top, place the lid on the jar and tighten.


5.Leave at room temperature for a few days, then place into a cooler place to ferment for an additional week or more. They only get better with more time and will keep up to a year in the fridge.

6.When ready to use, remove a piece of lemon, rinse off the pulp and mince the rind for seasoning your favorite Middle Eastern dish. The pulp can also be used for stews and sauces.

Nutrition facts per serving

Calories 24
Total Fat 0g
Carbohydrates 5g
Protein 1g
Servings Per Recipe  8


Photographer: Carmen Troesser