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Maca & Cocoa Truffles

Looking for an easy and delicious way to add one of nature’s most powerful adaptogens, Maca, into your diet? We’ve found it with this snack! Maca grows in South America at higher altitudes than any other plant in the world, anywhere between 7000-11,000 feet. No wonder the root of this plant translates into more mental…

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Using Nutrition to Combat Chronic Fatigue

Even when you’re in peak mental and physical shape, life is full of challenges — whether you’re working overtime for a new deal at work or carrying an exhausted child home from the playground. When compounded by symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, however, these typical challenges can feel next to impossible. CFS is an especially…

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Olympic Dreams: A Q&A on Nutrition With Wrestler David Taylor

On June 10, wrestler David Taylor will be competing for a chance to represent the United States at the World Championship in Paris, France. David earned four state championship titles in high school and two national titles during his college career. He now has his sights set on the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. We talked…

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4 Nutrition Myths That Are Slowing You Down

The health industry is inundated with so much information that it can be nearly impossible to tell who is steering you in the right direction. One day, saturated fat is your worst enemy. A few days later, a new study provides contradictory evidence. It’s enough to make your head spin. When enough conflicting information circulates,…

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The Most Important Blood Test for Longevity

Most people recognize the connection between high blood sugar, diabetes, and increased health risks. That’s why fasting blood sugar (FBS) tests are so common — they can gauge the risks of developing diabetes or prediabetes. But FBS tests are nearsighted and can only tell us your current blood glucose levels, which vary daily. Unlike a…

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4 Signs That You’re Aging Well

In a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, nearly 70 percent of adults in America said they want to live to see 100. But true longevity is about aging the right way. The goal is to optimize your energy levels; stay active, mobile, and strong; and enjoy your life to the fullest. All it takes…

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3 Recovery Methods to Optimize Performance

Any CrossFitter will tell you it’s the intensity of the routine that separates him or her from the pack. But research shows that doing CrossFit too frequently without making some key adjustments can have undesired consequences. Training consisting of a lot of volume and intensity produces substantial amounts of lactic acid — a compound created…

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The Top 7 Exercises You’re Not Doing

It’s human nature to want to perform the exercises you’re good at. If you’re great at dips, you’ll be more inclined to do them. If you struggle with pull-ups, you might prefer the lat pulldown as your vertical pulling exercise. Your body functions more efficiently (and is less injury-prone) when the strength between its antagonist…

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How Women Can Get Their First Pull-up

On average, women have difficulty firing from their lat muscles. A majority of gross motor skills develop between the ages of 8 and 10. Unless you were a gymnast or spent a lot of time on the monkey bars, vertical pulling may not be a movement that comes naturally to you. Women may also have…

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Spanish Turkey Meatball Stew

Known for its rich and lively culture, Spain is a country that perfectly blends conventional European values with vibrant coastal Mediterranean excitement. This perfect balance of quintessential European formality and coastal exhilaration was our Executive Chef’s inspiration for our Spanish Meatball Stew.

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