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Wild-Caught Salmon & Zucchini Noodles with Basil Pesto


🕑 10 Minute Recipe

This low-carb recipe is super easy to make thanks to our ready-made salmon burgers. But don’t let the 10-minute prep time fool you: this meal provides a powerhouse of nutrients essential for heart and brain health like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and potassium.


1 chef-prepared wild-caught salmon burger
2 TB olive oil
1 tsp pine nuts
1 tsp lemon juice
3 garlic cloves
1/3 c fresh basil
1 TB grated parmesan cheese
1 c zucchini noodles
Salt and pepper to taste



For the pesto:

1Combine basil, garlic and pine nuts in a food processor. Pulse until coarsely chopped.

2Add oil and process until fully incorporated and smooth.

3Season with salt and pepper and mix in grated parmesan cheese.

Finished product:

1Cut salmon burger into bite-sized pieces.

2Combine zucchini noodles and pesto in a sauce pan over medium heat.

3Stir to evenly coat zucchini noodles with pesto.

4Add the salmon to the pan and warm to desired temperature.


Nutrition Facts per Serving

Calories 520
Total Fat 40g
Net Carbohydrates 7.8g
Protein 29g
Servings Per Recipe 1


Photographer: Carmen Troesser