Why Choose Metabolic Meals:

Our strategy is a little different than "those other guys." Our meals are made with the highest quality ingredients and based on cutting edge nutritional research. The effectiveness of our service has made our meals highly sought after for people looking to improve health, fat loss and performance.

With the convenience of nationwide delivery and our proven nutritional protocols, it's never been easier to eat healthy!

What sets us apart:

  • Gluten Free: 100% of our meals are Gluten-Free
  • Ingredient Quality: Pastured Proteins, Organic ingredients & Seasonal Produce
  • Culinary Team: Top Chefs trained at the Esteemed Culinary Institute of America
  • Flexible Meal Plans: We have multiple plans that can help you reach your goals and accommodate your schedule.
  • Nationwide Delivery: we service the entire continental US.

Gluten Free

Many people who are not confirmed to be Celiac, still have an inflammatory response to gluten known as a sensitivity, which is why ALL of our meals are gluten-free!

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